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2017 is proving to be a year for fresh starts.  DuPont Corian is re-committing to and re-engaging new and established customers by introducing not only a new palette of colors but a new aesthetic as well. AND….is actually spreading the word through all of the media channels;  something that hasn’t happened since the dawn of time (ok, the last 15 years).  Corian is now middle aged – 50 years old; emerging from its mid life crisis with more depth and wisdom much like the humans it serves.


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Dupont Corian has blessed the world with 16 new colors for 2017.  Smoke Drift is the name in the accompanying photo.  The pattern is more specific as opposed to soft focus,  background-y.  I like the larger front edge.  Now if they could just introduce this pattern on a white background with a tiny gold vein – heaven!!

Sensational Sandalwood Corian Kitchen Countertop

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Among the many fresh new color/pattern profiles DuPont Corian has come up with is Sandalwood. It’s depth and movement add gravitas.  A neutral with some attitude…………I like that it is pared with creamy traditional cabinets and if you look closely you can see the herringbone floor.  I love herringbone ANYTHING!  I would like to see the backsplash installed using  Corian Sandalwood cut into rectangles and “tiled” or a longer rectangle echoing the herringbone pattern on the floor.

Kitchen featured is Morse Constructions, Inc. in Boston’s Back Bay



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A Top En-counter will use any means for scouting the next generation of fabricators!  Just kidding……sort of.

We hosted Cub Scout Pack 727 for the NOVA Tech Talk portion of their S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) requirement.  One might not think of Acrylic Solid Surface counter top and wall fabrication when S.T.E.M. comes to mind; in fact, the material itself not to mention the measuring, drawing, cutting and seaming are all driven by Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Kevin gave a little talk about the product and its fabrication process but then got right into the good stuff – drawing a race car design on the CAD program then cutting them out on the CNC machine. As you can see by the photos they were taught about safety measures.  The good news is no fingers were cut off and nobody’s eye was put out.  Each scout kept their dust mask, goggles and cut out car and received a hand made cookie (seriously hand made by an unprofessional – me!). It was so fun for us!  I think we’ll make it a yearly thing.  We’re on the hunt for the next  pack of Scouts……………

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DuPont Corian – CAN YOU HEAR ME?

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DuPont Corian – CAN YOU HEAR ME?

Ok, you came close with Rain Cloud, very close.  But you didn’t nail it!!!!!!!!! 🙁  Look closely at the photo of this Christopher Peacock kitchen.  Can you see that it is WHITE with gray/black veining – not GRAY with gray/black veining??

People want an Acrylic Solid Surface with all the great stuff that goes with it that looks like this!  Now, DuPont, I know you have the capability/technology.  You have proven this masterfully with the phenomenal Witch Hazel, Burled Beach, Sandlewood and Rosemary colors.  You have solid Glacier White and Nocturn.  Can’t you do what peanut butter and chocolate did with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and give the people what they want?