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The following Questions and Answers provide useful information on many of our customers’ top questions. If you have a question that is not here, please contact us at 714.899.9858 or through our online contact form.

Can I place a hot pot directly on Acrylic Solid Surface?

We do not recommend placing a hot pot directly on any countertop surface. Although  Acrylic Solid Surface remains stable and undamaged in temperatures up to 212ºF (100ºC), high heat or flame will damage it.  In most cases this can be repaired. To protect your  Acrylic Solid Surface countertops from heat damage, always use a hot pad or a trivet when using hot pots or heat-generating appliances such as frying pans or Crock pots.

Why are  Acrylic Solid Surface tops such a great value?

The beauty, durability and long-term performance of Acrylic Solid Surface make it an exceptional value for any environment. The material is solid throughout and can withstand most of the challenges of daily use. Your countertops or shower walls can be easily refinished if the surface is nicked, cut, marred or scratched and look as new as the day they were installed!  What other surface can make that claim?

Tell me about Acrylic Solid Surface Countertops

Each  countertop installation is custom designed specifically for your home or business. With hundreds of colors  to choose from, Acrylic Solid Surface delivers design versatility, long-term performance and value to your project. It coordinates beautifully with other materials such as tile, stainless steel, wood, granite, or glass combined with finishing touches such as custom inlays, edge treatments and a matching  Acrylic Solid Surface sink, to create a look that’s uniquely yours.

What about Acrylic Solid Surface in the bathroom?

There is no better product than Acrylic Solid Surface in the bathroom!  It doesn’t grow mold, can be re-surfaced if hard water deposits have built up and look like the day it was installed.  The fastest growing trend is having the shower pan made out of  Acrylic Solid Surface.  It is definitely a worthy investment.  Cleaning is a snap.  The manufacturers want their products cleaned with cleanser and a ScotchBrite pad.  Yes, Ajax and Comet are welcome.  They are what actually keep the pan, walls and tops looking new!