As people evolve, hopefully so do companies. Skills acquired early are honed and refined. Expansion of these skills allows the ability to visualize more broadly, promoting design ideas and facilitating problem solving. Years of application and practice result in mastering one’s profession. This is what Kevin Libby and A Top En-counter have accomplished.

Kevin started his journey building houseboats which lead to employment in a small cabinet shop followed by a company specializing in European cabinetry and a new acrylic solid surface called Corian.  In this shop Kevin learned the fundamentals of solid surface fabrication with its potential for unlimited applications. When Kevin was ready to start his own business, in 1991, there was only one product he wanted to specialize in: DuPont Corian.

Kitchen and bath countertops were A Top En-counter’s stock in trade those first years with shower walls and tub surrounds making a first appearance, though not in great numbers. That would come later. While every kitchen and bath top is unique, fabricating horizontal surfaces is a pretty straightforward process.

Several years after founding A Top En-counter, Kevin had an opportunity to fabricate countertops for a 35’ Catamaran.  Thermo-forming was necessary due to curves in the design.  A Top En-counter didn’t have a thermo-forming oven so Kevin and his right hand man Marty (who has been with the company since 1992), built their own and completed the job to the exacting specifications boats require. Over the years one boat/yacht led to another as Kevin and A Top En-counter became recognized as the most proficient fabricator for this very specific industry. Perhaps Kevin’s love of boats and ownership of several helped solidify his expertise……….?!

Later, the well researched and astute purchase of a CNC machine propelled A Top En-counter forward providing even more accurate fabrication; with the ability to design and produce further creative endeavors. The addition of a digitized template system solidified the technology A Top En-counter needed to thrive in a changing industry. Current evaluation of a state- of- the- art thermo-forming oven is in the works.

Fast forward to now… 28 years as A Top (pun intended) solid surface fabricator in Orange County!!  Kevin, Marty and Sergio, who joined the company in 1999, comprise a unique and solidified level of combined experience and expertise. With a growing presence fabricating commercial projects such as dental, medical and high end retail coupled with highly specialized prototype projects for Aerospace companies in addition to thousands of residential projects and many boats and yachts, A Top En-counter is truly a Master Fabricator of acrylic solid surface.