A Top En-counter is a small business whose emphasis is on superior quality fabrication and personal service. A Top En-counter will make sure you are comfortable with the entire design, fabrication, and installation process!

Design Consultation

We begin by consulting with you to establish the look of your countertops. This fun and exciting part of the process will determine exactly which style is right for you. We will provide you with the exact cost of your new countertop. Unlike large home iImprovement stores, we do not charge for an in-home estimate and do not require payment in full prior to work beginning.

Countertop Fabrication

fabrication-processThe next step is the fabrication of your top in our shop. This takes aproximately 10 working days. We start by making a template of your cabinets and walls which will insure an accurate fit of the countertop. We take that template and laiser digitize it on our state of the art CNC machine which then sends it to a CAD program where we can add sink cut out’s and change any shapes. Our experienced fabricators will make the countertops to the exact measurements and specifications of the template made at your house.

Final Installation

The final part of the process involves taking your fabricated countertop from our shop to your home. Our installers will make a speedy and worry-free installation of your countertops a reality. Most countertops are installed in one day or less leaving you to enjoy your new countertops right away!

CNC Precision Cutting!