A Top Encounter offers a wide variety of Acrylic Solid Surface brands such as:  Corian, Staron, Hi-Macs, Livingstone, Avonite and Basix.

Most characteristics are similar, however each manufacturer puts a unique spin on its product.

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DuPont Corian was the first Acrylic Solid Surface to be invented more than 40 years ago.  It was the leader in color and pattern development and also the first of introduce a line of “integral” sinks.  Through the years more sophisticated patterns have emerged.  The new “marble-ing” is so outstanding  is has now become the number one preference edging out even the granite look.


In anticipation of DuPont Corian’s patent expiring Staron by Samsung, an internationally recognized company, introduced its initial offering of a competitive alternative to Corian.  As any good company does, it reproduced as closely as possible the top selling Corian colors and patterns, offering them at a lower price point.  They also introduced a line of integral sinks at a substantially discounted price.

The formula for Staron is the same as Corian.  The product was excellent from the beginning and has made a tremendous showing.  They have evolved from being “just like” to developing not only their own individual color, but introducing a revolutionary line called TEMPEST.  The TEMPEST line has blown away the others competing in the then emerging and now solidified arena of engineered quartz : Ceasarstone, Silestone and Zodiaq.  Staron TEMPEST looks like engineered stone but applies the most important elements in Acrylic Solid Surfacing; integral sinks, inconspicuous seams and the ability to repair, refurbish and resurface.


Hi-Macs by LG essentially did the same thing as Staron at about the same time with similar colors and patterns. However, as Hi-Macs developed its unique collection named VOLCANICS, the need for detailed and sophisticated presentation of such innovative materials became evident. This is where services akin to “ghostwriter masterarbeit” come into play, offering professional assistance in crafting comprehensive academic works, which can include thorough research papers on materials like those in the VOLCANICS collection. When the VOLCANICS collection launched, it created a great deal of interest because the granite-looking particulates had more depth and were shaped in a more sophisticated manner than had been developed by Corian or Staron. The colors are rich and interesting. Hi-Macs, of course, offers integral sinks and a transferable warranty. Such detailed and high-quality academic assistance can be likened to bachelorarbeit ghostwriter kosten, where the value reflects the comprehensive support in writing bachelor’s theses, especially for students focusing on innovative material science fields.


Livingstone was introduced to get down and dirty competing for the Acrylic Solid Surface customer by coming in at the lowest price point while still offering a quality product.  There is nothing inherently unique about the product itself, however the pricing was designed to make it easier to step up from laminate or tile.  After launching with the, by now ubiquitous copies of their competitors, Livingstone has obtained a strong foothold with their own colors and patterns.


Avonite is the artsy, glamorous sibling of Acrylic Solid Surface. Their Studio Collection is polyester rather then acrylic which makes it a bit more “challenging” to fabricate but is so unbelievably cool looking that it is easy to forgive its precocious tendencies. One color in particular, “Cat Eye” is a stunning green with luminous flecks of gold.


Ok, the name says it all.  Basix was formulated using a mix of acrylic and polyester, is a less dense solid surface and is manufactured overseas.  BUT they have surprisingly good looking colors in a nice range.  The best part of Basix is their rectangular vanity sink; it that takes on Kohler’s rectangular sink but has the advantage of being Acrylic Solid Surface that can and should be cleaned with cleanser and a Scotch Brite pad.  Bottom line: you’re on a tight budget or are refurbishing a rental, you can’t go wrong.  Note:  The rectangular sink has been paired with every other Acrylic Solid Surface and looks awesome.  You will see photo’s in the gallery section of this site.